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Katya was apparently orphaned as a child when she was trapped in a temple as debdashi during early 15th century. Jitantak a fighter pilot, found her in the inferno and rescued her. She was almost brainwashed into serving the snakes clan the sorpeto, but was saved by Olga Umhrah and Avici solder. Katya is 400 years old, but is considered young in her realm and has the appearance of a young woman. Even though Katya is over 400 years old, she looks as if she is in her early twenties.


Journey of Katya

Katya Started her life an an orphan home for kids.

When she was a kid, she went to a temple to see the artworks, it was a temple of snakes, and one of the snake lord adopted her as his own child. Oneday a Avici came for a visit to devote his tribute to Narakasur and found sweet looking Katya doing "puja". Looking at her structure, Avici asked Olga Umhrah to come and take a look at the little Katya, both of them started giving training to her in various fighting styles and soon Katya became one of the best fighter in the town. Olega then took her along with him, when she was 16 and put her with one of the Naga's devotee Sumrila. Samrila took her as his own daughter and made her princess.

Naga's was killed by their greatest enemy the Garuda's and hence they wanted a good looking woman to fight for them and attract the leader of Garuda's. Naga's then took Katya and poisoned her with their venom in way so that she can stay alive for decades. After a deadly battle, Katya was injured, and went back to the temple of Naga's somehow, Olega then put her inside a space-time doorway so that when time comes, she can be alive again and fight for the Naga's. She is suppose to become alive when a Immortal will attack the Gods's. So, with the call of destiny, Ashwathama attacked the Demi-Gods and hence Katya became alive again after 400 years..

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The magic, which is defined by modern science but yet unable to touch the lavel to
connect directly with the nature.